Squash Bread

This bread smells and tastes like home. I pulled 9 beautiful butternut squash out of my garden last fall and unsure of what to make, I exchanged squash for a pumpkin recipe I had and the results were phenomenal ❤ I am happy to share with you! 2 cups roasted Butternut Squash purée 1 cup [...]

Secret to Chili is Coffee

Y'all know me, I like to skip to what everyone is here for: The Recipe! If you want to read more about the preparation, its after the details 🙂 Fair warning, this chili is spicy! 5lbs Brisket (brown in 1/4c oil) 2 cups Yellow Onion 1/4 cup Garlic 2 Green Peppers (chop big pieces) 2Tbsp [...]